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You might be forgiven for not immediately equating Benidorm with sports. It’s well known that the beaches are spectacular. That it has a fantastic micro-climate that bestows an extraordinarily abundant amount of sunshine upon its happy visitors is equally famous.

Dazzling array of sporting activities

What is less well known are the dazzling array of sporting activities offered in and around this action-packed, Costa Blanca resort.

Let’s set the scene. You’re an active type. Yes, of course you want to sunbathe and enjoy the fabulous Benidorm nightlife, but you want more. You want action and adventure! Well, ladies and gents, you’re in exactly the right place.

Chilling out and working out

Let’s imagine you’re holidaying with friends. You begin by booking a hotel with a gym and a spa. Happily, there are a range of Benidorm hotels that offer just that, like the cool Deloix Aqua Centre or the fab Hotel Levante Club and Spa.

Sport on Benidorm Beach

You have a leisurely breakfast in the sunshine, then you all set off for the beach. There, you are surprised to find not just sunbeds and pedalos, but football and volleyball nets. There are fabulous floating platforms in the sea too.

It’s hot by now so you swim out, grateful for the cool water on your skin. You reach the platform and spend a while diving and chatting with new friends you meet there.

Benidorm Watersports

Some of your group sign up for jet-skiing, cable-skiing and wake-boarding. Everyone is grinning from ear to ear and having a ball. You can already feel your skin starting to glow as you crack open the factor 30!

All this beach action works up an appetite, but after a spot of lunch at one of the many cool Benidorm bars lining the palm-fringed beach, you’re ready for action again.

At this point you are faced with a tempting range of options. You could go kayaking around the sparkling coastline or maybe take a boat trip to Benidorm island.

Sport on the land

You could decide to visit one of Benidorm’s 5 fantastic theme parks: either hurtling around at top speed on white knuckle rides at Terra Mitica or shooting down the breath-taking water slides at Aqualandia.

Another option is to go exploring the incredibly beautiful mountains and coastline of the Sierra Helada Nature Park. 8km in length and boasting 900 feet cliffs, more than 5,600 hectares of stunning mountain-clad coastline, it’s ideal for trekking.

Adventure sports

As you explore the possibilities, you realize that there are enough sporty options in Benidorm to keep you busy and challenged on every single day of your 2 week holiday!

So for today, you decide to go on a trek. Do you walk? Or maybe you prefer a off-road, 4×4 adventure? Or maybe you fancy bombing around on a sturdy mountain bike?

Since it’s your first day, you decide to walk, that way, you’ll be able to take your time and really take in the stunning views. You pat yourself on the back for having remembered your camera.

You return to your hotel happily tired, but after a quick shower you’re ready for a big slap up meal and some class entertainment.

Fun and (sporty) games!

You spend the rest of the evening discussing when the boys are going to schedule their golf, and paint-balling sessions. The ladies are busy planning a day out horse-riding and a diving trip. You decide to all go paragliding together at some point.

Does this sound like your kind of break? It certainly ticks all our boxes, no wonder 4 million happy holiday-makers visit our brilliant Benidorm year after year.

And on that note, a word of advice. Benidorm hotels reach maximum occupancy during the summer months so if you have your heart set on a favourite, we advise you to book it early!

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