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The largest, most exciting theme park in Europe, with incredible rides & shows all around the park; Pirates, Gladiators and Comedy street performers add to fun. Now with spectacular evening theatre shows!

Terra Mitica,
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The largest, most exciting theme park in Europe, with incredible rides & shows all around the park; Pirates, Gladiators and Comedy street performers add to fun. Now with spectacular evening theatre shows!

Designed to be the showstopper of Europe, Terra Mítica opened in 2000 to cater to the burgeoning vacation scene on the Costa Blanca.

You might even see Ibiza from the top of a coaster! The theme park’s attractions were inspired by myths of Mediterranean history.

Terra Mitica Attractions: The land where ancient myths become exciting reality.

The myths and legends of the ancient Mediterranean civilisations become an exciting reality before your very eyes. A marvellous mix of spectacular shows and heart pounding rides are packed into the five lands of the old world. The magic of Rome, Greece, Egypt, The Islands and Iberia awaits you in Terra Mitica.

Terra Mitica’s five areas have rides for one and all. Top of the bill are the adrenaline pumping, gravity defying white-knuckle rides like Magnus Colossus and SynKope. Next come more family oriented experiences such as The Rapids of Argos, and finally there are more gentle rides especially designed for kids which include mini-versions of the thrill-a-minute adult rides.


Rome is dominated by Magnus Colossus, the longest wooden roller coaster in Europe which reaches speeds of 100 kph and has hairpin bends and hair-raising drops. Equally gut-wrenching, The Flight of the Phoenix has a 100kph burst of acceleration during a spectacular 54 m free fall.

Finally the aptly named Inferno – Europe’s first ball coaster – will spin you up, down and around at thrill-a-minute velocity. Ayquesustus is the kiddies version of the Phoenix, which along with Vertigum, Torbellinus,Tentaculus, Serpentinum and Rotundus give the youngsters the opportunity to sample all the fun of the fair at a gentle pace.


The looping roller coaster Tizona is Iberia’s main breath-taking attraction with bends, twists, turns and vertical drops guaranteed to turn your knuckles snow white.

All the family can enjoy driving Spanish style on the Arietes dodgem cars and junior drivers can hone their crashing skills on Jabato, the mini-dodgems styled like cute animals.


The birthplace of the Olympic Games is also home to SynKope, a giant discus spinning at 90 kph at an angle of 120º which produces sensations so incredible that nothing can prepare you for them!

All the family can enjoy splashtastic fun on Triton’s Fury a rip roaring river ride with spectacular drops and a sure soaking for its riders. And there’s also fun for all ages in The Labyrinth of the Minotaur and 
Kineto’s Temple.

The kids are not forgotten in Greece, which also has Alucinakis, the Magnus Colossus in miniature, Arriarrix and The Icaruses, two rides which provide plenty of amusement at a slower pace.

The Islands

When the summer sun is high in the sky nothing could be better than the thrill of white water rafting down the Rapids of Argos an odyssey in search of the Golden Fleece of mythology complete with a good soaking!

Avast there me hearties – The Rage of Achillesrecreates a storm tossed galley lurching up, down and side to side at crazy angles on the high seas.

Ulysses Rescue transports guests on an eerie journey though lands of myth and legend and Mithos is a traditional fairground carousel lit by seemingly thousands of lights.

Sea lions swim, Mundomar


In Ocionia (formerly Egypt) you can take your mummy on the fabulous Falls of the Nile water roller coaster. In a thrill-a-minute trip down the river’s rapids in a sarcophagus the vertical falls are almost heart-stopping.

For breathtaking views of the park, mountains and sea, take a trip on Infinnito, a 100 metre high circulating viewing platform or for high adrenalin paintball action and scary thrills, visit the Battle of the Pyramid and the Pyramid of Terror.

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See the pomp and splendour of the five ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean as their myths and legends are played out in spectacular arenas or on the streets of the towns. Acrobats, circus artists, athletes and stuntmen all create a thrill-a-minute spectacle of colour, action and excitement in the many daily shows where you, the public, are always the stars.

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