Levante Beach

This is the sandy holiday hub for those who’re out for fun and frolics, and is known as the sunrise beach. In high season it can get pretty crowded, although there are quite literally thousands of sun beds (over 5000 in case you’re curious). It’s backed by a broad promenade sporting bars and cafes and in short…it’s lively!

THE BEACH IS SANDY and slopes gently into the water which makes for relatively safe bathing for the young or less confident water baby. Further out to sea are swinging bridges, diving boards, rafts, slides, a wet playground for the energetic, and lifeguards are on hand throughout the summer season (see below).

FAMILIES are exceptionally well catered for. The children enjoy all day entertainment – which can only be good news for parents. Ever experienced that awful moment when having arranged to meet your kids under the sign up yonder, you realize there’s a veritable glut of identical signs? Then you’ll be mightily reassured by the Council’s initiative which provides huge, colorful picture boards to be used as meeting points. Very helpful to children too – I mean, where are they supposed to go for their next lolly? They knew mum’s sunshade was the blue one, like the other few hundred…phew.

TEENAGERS visit to enjoy a sandy social vibe, to see and be seen, and to generally have a good time. And the rest? Well, they get a grandstand seat from which to watch the wet set at play. Most impressively, the sand is pristine each morning thanks to a thorough daily clean up.


  • Fine, clean sand which slopes gently
  • Close to town, easily accessible on foot
  • Life saving timetable: summer 9.00-20.00; winter 10.00-17.00
  • Watersports: Water ski, Jet ski, Paragliding, Scuba diving
  • Play facilities: Swinging bridges, diving boards, rafts, slides
  • Ramps and other provision for people with disabilities

Dogs are not allowed on the beaches.
A final caution about the beaches – remember that undercurrents can be dangerous. Take careful note of weather conditions, bathing flags and lifeguards.

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